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How to take care of your car in winter

How to take care of your car in winter – Winter is fast approaching, bringing with it frosts, snows and falling mercury: so many aggressions that can be detrimental for your vehicle if you do not take good care of it. Your Mazuin car mechanic in Fosses-la-Ville gives you his …

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Routine bicycle maintenance

Routine bicycle maintenance – It’s decided, the return announces the change in your life and it begins with the resumption of the sport. Running has never been your thing so you decide to take your bike out of the attic and walk the roads like Chris Froome. Yes but now, …

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How to take care of automatic transmission

How to take care of automatic transmission – More and more cars are equipped with an automatic gearbox. You must know how it works. enlightened vehicles equipped with an automatic gearbox, you will not have a clutch pedal because the speeds are passed automatically. It’s the same foot, the right …

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Car insurance (also motorcycle and scooter) is mandatory. This obligation, which only concerns civil liability, aims to protect the victims of an accident for which you would be responsible whether they are your passengers, pedestrians, the occupants of another vehicle. But what if no insurer wants to cover you? An …

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What are the different categories of car insurance?

Compulsory insurance (called the third party) Compulsory insurance (Article L. 211-1 of the Insurance Code) called “third-party” consists of the cover of your civil liability and that of any person driving or parking your vehicle. This means that the insurance covers the damage that you or others could cause with …

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The 10 best tips to keep your new car

The 10 best tips to keep your new car – A car with a well-maintained paint will always look younger than a car with scratches and scratches. Some are obsessed with car maintenance, parking in places far away from where they need to be, so that other inconsiderate owners do …

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