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Auto Insurance: Are premiums and guarantees dependent on the type of car?

Small car, small car insurance premium? What’s behind the price of your car insurance? How does the make, power or even age of your car impact your bill? How important is it to choose when choosing your formula or your guarantees? Answers.


  • The criteria for pricing of car insurance
  • Pricing criteria related to your car
  • Why should the type of vehicle be taken into account when choosing your car insurance?
  • Auto Insurance: Are premiums and guarantees dependent on the type of car?
  • The criteria for pricing of car insurance
  • To calculate the amount of your car insurance premium, 4 main criteria are taken into account:
  1. Your profile ;
  2. Your driving history
  3. Your vehicle
  4. The use you make of it;
  5. Pricing criteria related to your car

If the claim follows the insured and not his car (see the bonus-malus), the fact remains that it is the latter who is covered and not the subscriber. As a result, the characteristics of your vehicle and related statistics weigh heavily in estimating the risk to be covered.

Are taken into account:

The make, model, and series of your vehicle. Indeed, some brands are more popular with thieves than others. The risk to be covered is then greater. In addition, certain models can be considered safer than others, thus reducing the risk of bodily injury in the event of a disaster. This is, for example, the case of SUVs.

His fiscal power. Generally, insurers consider that the more powerful a car is, the greater the risk of accidents related to speed or loss of control of the vehicle.

His motorization. The type of engine and the fuel of a car can have a noticeable impact on the calculation of your insurance premium. The reason is simple, wear and the cost of repairs vary depending on the engine. Thus, electric or hybrid cars are subject to a separate price list.

As for diesel models they are usually more expensive to insure than gasoline models.

Its safety devices or driving assistance. Airbags, ABS, ESP or parking assistance are valued by insurers because they lead to safer driving and reduce the risk of damage or, if necessary, serious injury.

Its date of circulation. The age of your car necessarily weighs in the balance at the time of ensuring, a vehicle losing much of its value as it leaves the dealer. So the longer your car is old, the lower the cost of your car insurance should be. Unless of course, it is a collector’s car.

Its purchase value. In case of disaster, the amount of your compensation depends of course on the value of your vehicle. Therefore, it is quite logical that the amount of your insurance premium is partially indexed.

Whether it’s a new car, a used car or a leased car. For the same reasons as above.

Why should the type of vehicle be taken into account when choosing your car insurance?

Given these elements, you will have understood that the insurance formula that you choose to subscribe depends as much on your profile as the car to be insured.

Thus, for a new car, high-end or high value, it is better to opt for insurance all risks.

If your car is an old used city car bought for a pittance, third-party insurance may be enough. Depending on your profile, you can, however, take out third-party insurance, that is to say, a civil liability supplemented by some additional guarantees.

For example, if your old used city car is a Twingo, it is better to add a flight guarantee to your minimum insurance, the Twingo being among the most stolen cars in some cities.

Another example of the influence of the vehicle type on the choice of your car insurance: if you are a young driver, to lower the price of your annual contribution, already led by the surcharge applied to all young people, it is better to avoid choosing a powerful car or too expensive.

Last example for the road, if your car is more than 30 years old, you will probably have to take out an adapted collection car insurance.

In any case, before making your choice, use our online form and compare the many offers available to subscribe the closest to your needs, at the best price.

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