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Auto Insurance Price: Why is it increasing every year?

Every year the price of car insurance undergoes an increase … And 2018 will not escape the rule. The firm “Facts & Figures” actually announces an average increase of 2% for this new year. But how to explain such growth?

The increase in the cost of the claims in question

2.09% average increase per year
Some tips to save money despite rising
The increase in the cost of the claims in question
In January 2017, there was already an increase in the price of car insurance by 1.6%. And as announced for several months, the number of contributions will not be saved in 2018. In cause? Increasing the cost of claims is more expensive for insurance companies.

Even though Road Safety has recently announced a drop in the number of road accidents (-0.6%), those that are noticed are much more expensive than before. For proof between 2005 and 2015, the price of car repairs increased by 37%, just like the number of parts with a 30% increase (source: cabinet Xerfi) … Figures that necessarily affect the price of the car. French auto insurance premium.

But other factors have also pushed insurers to revise their rates upward. The major climatic events of recent years have led to an increase in the number of car claims and therefore to a re-evaluation of the risk for this type of incident in France (floods, storms, storms). In addition, since 1 January 2017, the annual tax levied on each auto contract to finance the compensation fund for victims of terrorist acts has increased from 4.30 to 5.90 €.

2.09% average increase per year

It was only in 2010 that we saw the beginning of a general increase in auto insurance rates. While the increase was only 0.1% between 2009 and 2010, it actually reached 3% between 2010 and 2011. Since then, every year insurers are required to publicly communicate the evolution of their rates for the coming year. .

And with the years, the rise is always present. And with the years, the rise is always present. A recent study of Hyperassur.com reveals that since 2010, the auto insurance premium has seen an average increase of 2.09% per year. In other words, in absolute value we can deduce that for a premium of departure to 400 € in 2010, this equates to a rise of 73.7 € over 8 years.

Some tips to save money despite rising

Despite an unfavorable context, with some simple tips you can hope to save money on your auto insurance premium. Above all, do not hesitate to renegotiate your current contract … For this, play the competition and get quotes from other insurers to support your comments.

But you can also play the seniority card if you have been in the same insurance company for a few years, and you also have several contracts. Insurers generally take into account the loyalty of their policyholders, which will make your trading easier.

Anyway, the comparator of insurance is the ideal tool to accompany you in your steps. It allows you to sort and compare contracts that best meet your needs. And if you find a more attractive insurance plan at another insurer, then do not hesitate to terminate your current contract.

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