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Do you need to ensure your new vehicle? Do you want to change providers in auto insurance? Want to compare the offers of the market? Whatever your project, our advisors propose to accompany you in your research and your steps. Thanks to our online, free and non-binding online car insurance comparator, you have a few clicks of offers that match you and you save valuable time.

Car Insurance

Insuring your vehicle is mandatory in France and driving an uninsured car places its driver in an infringement situation. However, no formula is imposed! In fact, you are free to choose the insurance policy of your choice, at the service provider that suits you and according to the guarantees and methods that meet your needs.

Take advantage of our advice to find the best car insurance

  • Each car insurance contract is individual. Unique, it meets the need, the profile and the situation of the driver, as well as the use of the vehicle. All vehicles must be insured, from two-wheelers to tractors to cars and trucks, and all passengers must be covered. Browse our thematic files to better understand all the subtleties of auto insurance and their coverage.
  • Our advisors help you find the provider who will meet your needs through clever tips. With our online comparator, only the offers that match you are offered to simplify your efforts.
  • In our thematic files, our experts answer all your questions and shell car insurance contracts to better enlighten you. We present the different types of existing contracts and we list the advantages and disadvantages of each to better guide you in your research. In addition, we study for you the different guarantees that may be imposed or proposed. Each option represents a specific coverage formula whose contours are sometimes difficult to discern; we define them for you with clarity, simplicity, and precision. It will be easier for you to understand the required guarantees and the services they offer you, to supplement them with optional guarantees that meet your unique needs.
  • Finally, our experts assist you in the underwriting of your car insurance, from the choice of the provider to the final signature, with their tips and professional advice.


Insuring a car requires giving a lot of information to your insurer. Why? Simply because his job is to insure the risks, but these are determined by many factors. If the profile of the driver is important, it is also his habits that will influence the quote of your car insurance. How many kilometers do you travel each year? For which routes do you use your vehicle? Similarly, your car itself must be taken into account to know whether third-party insurance, all risks, etc. are required. To better understand, we will develop here each element that impacts the calculation of your tariff and the choice of guarantees.

The make and model of your car

Let’s start with the make of your car. It is not necessarily imagined that a brand can influence the price of the contract when it is desired to insure a car. And yet. There are brands today, and more specifically some models, which are more victims of theft than others. A list of the most stolen cars has just been released, it is the Smart ForTwo which is at the top of the ranking followed by the Renault Clio 4 and the Land Rover Lange Rover Evoque. If you still want to buy one of these cars, it could very quickly increase the amount of your car insurance quote. Conversely, some cars are considered safer. In the event of an accident, personal injury is less important which, this time can lower the price of your car insurance.

The motorization

Here is the wear and cost of repairs that are taken into account, the warranty will, therefore, adapt to the engine if you want to insure a car. It is recognized that repairs on a diesel vehicle are more expensive, but it is the innovative engines that most affect your car insurance quote. Indeed, insuring an electric car or a hybrid vehicle costs more.

The financial ability

A car that is too powerful is not always well received by insurers. Indeed, even if it is sometimes a prejudice, they believe that with a car whose tax power is too high, drivers may be tempted to go faster, increasing the risk of accidents. The insurance of these vehicles is therefore often more expensive.

The age of the car

The date of release of your car is naturally an important feature if you must insure a car. Indeed, car insurance can not offer the same guarantee for a car of 20 years and a new car. The value of the second implies greater compensation in the event of an accident. When we ensure, we take into account the risks and the cost of repairs. While a new car will be insured all risks, an old car will only benefit from third party auto insurance.

The type of parking

Another feature to take into account to ensure a car: the way it is parked. Naturally, if your car spends the night in your garage, your quote will take into account and the price of your contract will be favorably impacted. On the other hand, if you announce to your insurer that your car spends all night on an unsecured car park in a sensitive area, the deal may be different because it is always to anticipate the risks in insurance and here, the risk of theft is greater.

Frequency of use

Another important point for your auto insurance: the frequency of use. This can determine whether you need to take out any risk or third party insurance. Indeed, if you drive little, it is not necessarily useful, moreover if your car is not recent, to take car insurance all risks. On the other hand, if you take it every day, third-party insurance may not be enough.

The annual mileage

Finally, the number of kilometers traveled each year will have a major impact on your insurance. It’s simple: The more you ride, the more likely you are to crash or damage your car (impact on the windshield, etc.). Even if the driver behaves irreproachable, he may be the victim of the bad behavior of other drivers. So the company that insures your car will want to know how many miles you drive each year. If you drive little with your vehicle, Amaguiz offers a personalized formula, insurance small wheeler. Your contract to insure a car takes into account the number of kilometers traveled each year. If you drive less than 6,000 km a year, you pay less, while enjoying the same guarantees as a classic car deal. Thus, you choose tailor-made insurance to limit the price of the quote in a very sensitive way.

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