It is not a secret that such heavy equipment like car lifts needs proper maintenance. In fact, proper maintenance helps keep the tools in the best working condition as well as prevent different accidents. You have to know that during a maintenance check, different miner defects could be spotted and repaired and thus the risk for equipment malfunction is reduced.

Car Lifts Require Proper Maintenance

A car lift has to be constantly in shape when in use for it to effectively raise and lower a vehicle. At the same time, a poorly maintained car lift could result in ineffective raising and lowering of a car.

In fact, car lift like any other type of equipment has several parts and it is necessary for you to pay attention to each of these parts during the maintenance. For example, if your car lift has a telescopic lift arm, then you have to make sure to stop any signs of wear and tear, check for any signs of bending as well as take note of any sign of stress fractures on castings and welds. Keep in mind that replacing defective or damaged parts is able to prevent substandard replacements.

If your car lift uses different cables and chains, then you have to check them for any signs of stretching and wear and tear. It is necessary to examine a car lift for any imperfections like corrosion, unusual bending as well as elongation of connection holes. You have to keep all the chains and cables free from any debris.

As well, it is necessary to regularly lubricate all the moving parts of the car lift. As well, when there is a need for you to replace some parts of the car lift, you have to replace them only with parts that are approved by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the use of not standard parts could reduce the efficiency of the lift and at the same time increase the risk for different accidents and malfunctions.