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Car maintenance: our advice to keep your car as good as new

Alteration of the paint, clogging of upholstery or rims: the condition of your car can quickly deteriorate. The argus gives you all the solutions to keep it as beautiful as the first day.
Wash the body regularly
Needless to say, regular washing is essential to preserve the brilliance of the painting. But that’s far from enough. Water-based, recent paints are more resistant to attack, but conversely more sensitive to microlayers and frosting (loss of luster). And, the varnish that protects them can even be eaten by bird droppings …

If the manufacturers offer a paint guarantee (from 2 to 5 years), it covers only the defects of application. As a result, a polishing product guarantees long-lasting protection of the varnish thanks to its water-repellent effect which prevents incrustation.

Finish by applying a protective wax (about every three months), a remedy against scratches that form on contact with dust, washing rollers …

Polisher: from 10 to 40 €
Wax: from 15 to 30 €

Take care of the alloy wheels

Dust brake pads is their worst enemy. To keep beautiful rims, a specific treatment is necessary. It creates a protective film that prevents chips from sticking on the wheel. It also facilitates subsequent cleanings.

Wheel cleaner: from 3 to 18 €

Protect the canopy
Summer and winter, the hood of a convertible is fragile. It is essential to use a waterproofing to ensure a good seal and keep the textile clean.

Whatever its material (canvas, vinyl …), it is sensitive to sunlight and rain. There are products to protect against tarnishing.
Cabriolet protection: 20 €

Adhesive tape to avoid small scratches

Parking cramped, delicate crenels: the body is exposed to the pangs of urban traffic. However, it is possible to avoid some scratches by protecting your vehicle with tape.

Totally transparent, they easily stick to critical areas, such as shields, doors and mirrors. These protective films also protect against gravel impacts.

Protection for door edges: from 20 €
Bumper protection: from 40 €

Clean and protect plastics
Over time, the plastics in the dashboard and doors can dry out. Protective cleansers based on vegetable waxes prevent them from tarnishing. They also protect against dust, UV rays and discoloration.

Plastic cleaner: from 10 €

Do not wait to clean a task on the seat
Do not wait until the textile coatings are dirty or tarnished. There are anti-stain preventive treatments that waterproof and protect. If a liquid is spilled, they prevent the tissues from being impregnated and dirt from migrating into the fibers. An ideal product when you have children.

Anti-stain protective treatment: from 15 €

Nourish the leather of the seats
Unlike fabric, leather is a living material that requires special care. Neglected, it may harden, crack, and get dirty. To maintain it, it is necessary to use special creams that will nourish it, allow it to maintain its suppleness and brilliance, while preserving it from premature aging.

Nourishing leather balm: from 15 €

Do not neglect glass surfaces
Do not wait until your windshield is completely opaque to worry about it. There are very effective protective cleaners that prevent fogging and fight against traces of fat or nicotine. Some products are also composed of a water repellent that deposits a protective film.

Window cleaner: from 10 €

How to fight against bad odors in the cabin?

To prevent bad odors from getting into your car, there are products that can absorb unwanted odors (animals, smoke …) and clean the cabin.

Odor eliminator: from 15 €

Polish or polish for the bodywork?
These two products are used according to the state of the painting. The polish is intended for the oldest vehicles and allows thanks to its abrasive loads to work in depth by removing the oxidation of the paint. Dedicated to recent paints, the polisher restores gloss by depositing a protective film and reduces microrayures.

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