The car lift could be found almost in all auto mechanic bay at any repair shop around the globe. It is important to know that the original auto lifts began its life as a scissor jack and today, almost all car lifts work using hydraulics. Car lifts have gone through many different changes because the need to lift heavier objects like cars became necessary.

Different Types Of Auto Lifts

Keep in mind that the main purpose for the auto lift is to hoist vehicles up over an auto mechanic’s head so that they could get a better visual of what has to be worked on. It was this lift that was the particular model for all the other auto lifts in the modern world.

The need for other types of auto lifts came about since vehicles were only one instance in which some type of lift was needed. Many objects are too massive and heavy for the human back to bear, not just vehicles. It would be stupid to think that the standard lift used to hoist a car would work as well with a semi-truck or a bus and as a result, a lot of different lifts were created with different weight capacities.

As it has been said there are a lot of different weight classifications of car lifts, you can find a suitable one for almost all types of jobs. You have to know that the most common is the in-ground lift, which is used in the majority of auto repair shops these days. As a rule, they have one of three systems – full hydraulic, semi-hydraulic, and electric oil pumping.

The other popular car lift is the surface one, a lift mounted above ground that traditionally uses a hydraulic pump. This type of car lift is known as the four-column lift and is commonly used for such things as wheel alignment, muffler replacement, and oil changes.