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How to get the best price for your used car?

How to get the best price for your used car?

Immersion camera-hidden in the troubled waters of the occasion. We are not pigeons trying to sell a car via five distinct channels: a dealer of the brand, an online classified ad, a professional buyer, an exporter or an auto agency. Between the least and the highest bidder, the price difference is enormous.

How to get the best price for your used car?

Aboard a used Audi A3 “For Sale”, our team goes to start at a dealership of the brand. The man who receives it warns from the outset: “It is a market price that I will give you, lower than the price of the resale market from individual to individual”. After expertise of the car, the garage offers 9000 euros. On the site resale opportunities of the brand, it would be sold at about 3000 euros more expensive. In addition, the offer is conditional on the purchase of a vehicle from the brand.

“Your car interests me”

The second run track starts with one of these small cards found on our windshields. After a quick glance, the buyer who has moved to our car, gives us his price: 8500 euros. After negotiations, his last offer will reach 9000 euros.

We then go to Brussels, along the canal, in an area famous for its exports. From there, every day leave trucks full of cars bound for Africa. The amateurs approached we will make a not very encouraging offer: 7000 euros.

Auto Agency?

The fourth solution we are testing is rather original. It is an auto agency. This intermediary takes care of the sale of your car. For this service, he pockets a commission. The man who receives us explains: “Of the price we display, the big ladle, withdraw 1000 euros! This is what you net in your pocket. All deducted: change control, fees, the commission of the agency and mechanical guarantee “.

In fact, it offers the future buyer of your car a three-month warranty on the mechanics. This auto agency promises us at least 10 000 net euros, in the pocket, for our car. It becomes interesting, but the sale is not guaranteed. If the auto agency does not sell it, the owner loses 49 euros of fees.

From particular to particular

Finally, we are trying to sell by ad on the internet. In a week, the offers of interested Internet users have increased from 2000 euros to … 11 000 euros, the most interesting offer among all those received, from all sectors exploited. Between the most interesting and the least good solution, the difference is 4000 euros. For the sale of a car then, the game of comparison is well worth the effort.

Some formalities of sale and after-sales:

An invoice, even individual to individual. It includes your details, those of the buyer, those of the vehicle (brand, full model, date of first entry into circulation, full chassis number, current mileage and exterior color), selling price, payment method, date and signatures.
VAT certificate for resale to a Belgian professional, through which you certify that you have paid VAT on the purchase of the resold car
License plates.

Secure payment method

A motto: security! Especially when you do not go through a professional. Using cash is not recommended, especially because the bank has to check this form of payment. We can not withdraw more than 3000 euros at a time. The transfer, in front of the check, is the safest way. Never leave your car without a confirmation from your bank that the money has arrived on your account.

Latest advice?

At the time of sale, do not forget to attach to the car: registration certificate, certificate of conformity, maintenance booklet, latest technical inspection report, user manual, all keys, anti-theft bolt for rims, jack and spare wheel. If we sell our car to an individual, we must also pass the technical control. If everything is perfect, we receive a Carpass and a complete diagnosis.

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