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Incredible Stuff To Make Your Dirty Car New!

Incredible Stuff To Make Your Dirty Car New!

I do not know you but I always have the impression that my car is dirty! Between the dogs that get in the car, the toddlers who put the bazaar and teens with their sports equipment full of mud …

The car takes a hell of a blow every time. Fortunately, we have selected the best tips to get rid of stubborn stains, stenching odors, and dirt. Your car will be even more beautiful than if it was new! Here are 15 great tips to make your dirty car look like new. Look :

1. Clean your headlights with toothpaste With a sponge and a little elbow grease, apply the toothpaste to the headlight.
Rub in small circular motions until the dirt comes off. Finally, wipe with a soft cloth to have perfectly transparent headlights. Who would have thought that the miracle product for cleaning the headlights of the car was in your bathroom? Discover the trick here.

2. Remove a sticker on the bumper with a hairdryer The heat of the hairdryer helps soften the glue.
Then use one of the plastic loyalty cards that you have in your wallet to pass under the sticker and take off without damaging your car. Not only does it work for bumper stickers, but it also works to remove old stickers, toll stickers, parking permits or insurance certificates stuck on your windshield.

3. Use a coffee filter to dust the car The coffee filters are great for cleaning.
They are cheap, disposable, biodegradable and super-efficient. Always keep a battery in your glove box. And wipe with your dashboard and the interior of your car in no time, for example, while you wait in your car. It’s so easy and convenient that it will not even be a chore for you! And your car will be much cleaner like that! To discover :

4. The best carpet stain remover for less than 2 € One of the most difficult challenges when washing a car is surely to clean stubborn stains on carpets and carpets. Well, this stain remover for carpet and carpet that only requires 2 ingredients will save your life. In addition, it is super economical to do. All you have to do is put 1/3 of hydrogen peroxide in a bottle and fill the rest with water. You can add a few drops of essential oil to make it feel good. So you can make your anti-stain product for less than € 2. Amazing no? If your car mats are dark in color, first try a small part because hydrogen peroxide can cause discoloration. If this is the case, it will be necessary to dilute it a little more.

5. Use this natural homemade cleaner to remove stains from your car As cars are enclosed spaces, I am particularly vigilant about the products I use.
I try to choose non-toxic products whenever possible. And I found a great cleanser recipe. It became my spare wheel! It only requires vinegar, lemon, sparkling water, and washing up liquid. She is very easy to do. Just mix 120 ml of white vinegar, 240 ml of sparkling water, 120 ml of dishwashing liquid (or homemade) and 60 ml of lemon juice in a spray bottle. Close it to shake and mix well. Spray your product on dirty surfaces. Rub the stains with a small stiff brush. Then wipe it with a rag. To discover: How to EASILY clean your car seats.

6. Use an old sock to clean your cupholder It’s well known that in cup holders there’s a whole lot of gooey stuff, a mixture of melted lip balms and soda spills. Yuck!
To help you get rid of this dirt, put an old sock on a cup. Spray the inside of the cup holder with a homemade multi-purpose cleaner. And then turn the cup with the sock into the cup holder.

7. Maintain the interior of your car to prevent it from getting damaged Maintenance of the interior of our car is one of those things that we often neglect because it does not seem essential.
But it’s important to do it because that’s what will keep your car in good shape longer … … but also that you can sell it more expensive when the time comes. Not to mention the fact that you will be able to keep your car longer and therefore push back the purchase of a new car. And to keep your nickel dashboard, no need to buy a special product. Instead, use a little petroleum jelly and spread it on the dashboard with a clean, dry cloth. To discover: How to disinfect the interior of the car with white vinegar.

8. Keep your wheels sparkling by using this cheap homemade cleaner I love to clean the hubcaps of my tires.
It’s so rewarding to see the dirt disappear. But do not waste your money by buying a special product to maintain the rims. Instead, mix baking soda, washing-up liquid, and warm water to easily make this home tire cleaner. It does not cost you anything since you already have all the ingredients in your kitchen. Practice, is not it? To discover: How to Shine Wheels With White Vinegar. The Effective and Cheap Tip.

9. Clean hard-to-reach places with a cotton swab It is sometimes difficult to clean the corners and corners of your car. But it is precisely in these places that dirt will accumulate.
When doing a thorough cleaning of your car, be sure to have some cotton swabs on hand. It’s the perfect tool to clean those hard-to-reach corners.

10. Dispose of pet hair with a spray and squeegee.
This is one of the tips for washing the car that I regret not having known earlier. I spent hours sucking animal hair in the back seat of the car after a ride with a dog. No matter how many attempts I made, I just could not get rid of those hairs. Well, for it to be really effective, put water in a spray bottle and spray it on the seat. Then use a squeegee to pick up all the hair before vacuuming. Awesome!

11. Use homemade slime to clean hard-to-reach places Slime is a material that is perfect for easily catching dust.
Have fun doing your home slime with your kids. They are going to have fun with it and you can clean your car with it. Not to mention that it’s a great way to get your kids involved in cleaning. That way, they can help you pick up all the dirt in hard-to-reach places, like magic! If you want to buy slime, you can find it here.

12. Clean the air vents of your car with a foam brush These really cheap foam brushes are the perfect tool to quickly remove all the dirt that is hidden in the vents of your car. car.
As every time you do the housework, be sure to do the dusting first and then vacuum afterward. Otherwise, the dust will fall to the ground and you will only have to start again. You can find these brushes on the internet for a few euros.

13. Get rid of lingering odors with baking soda.
In the same way that you clean your mattress, you can get rid of lingering odors in the car by sprinkling baking soda on the seats. Leave on for a few hours, then vacuum the baking soda and … smells with it. Discover the trick here. You can also prevent the return of all odors, using a cheap and easy-to-make home air freshener.


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